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Why my Hp printer is not responding

Why my HP Printer is not responding

Paper jam in printers is when the paper gets stuck inside and results in the shutting down of a printer. Depending on different printers there are inbuilt paper sensors that detect the absence of a sheet of paper when it is expected to print. When these paper sensors are unable to detect the sheet of paper inside it that means the paper is stuck and needs to be removed manually. Whenever a printer reports a paper jam situation it usually shuts down. This situation is quite common in printers and is often faced by users.
A paper jam is a situation that cannot be avoided and can happen in any printer while printing. Getting rid of a paper jam is nothing but to remove it manually. However, clearing a paper jam can be time-consuming and a waste of effort. Everyday running big organizations do not have time to deal with such situations as paper jams in printers. So what can be done to avoid a paper jam situation is essential to know. Paper jam happens due to 5 main reasons which if kept in mind can save a lot of time and effort.

5 main reasons for paper jam
The following are the five main reasons to avoid a paper jam situation in order to smooth up the printing process and save time and effort.
Paper loading not done right
If the sheet of paper loaded in the printer is crumbled the printer will declare a paper jam situation. Even if one tries to load a portrait-oriented sheet on a landscape-oriented tray might also result in a paper jam.
Overloading of paper
A paper jam usually occurs due to a situation with paper trays. If the paper in the tray is inappropriately loaded exceeding its capacity this might result in tearing of paper which will again jam the printer. This situation is pretty common in offices where a large amount of stuff is printed on a regular basis.
Loading damaged paper
It is very essential to know that only if neat, plain, and white paper are loaded in the printer can avoid a paper jam. However, if one is loading damaged paper such as a used sheet of paper or a stapled paper then it will cause the paper jam in the printer.
Wrong tray situation
As told earlier most cases of paper jams are likely to happen because of a printer tray. There is an output tray and an input tray, one should always make sure to load the paper stack inside the input tray to avoid the printer from jamming. If the tray that is in use does not fit the printer, then it might not only create a paper jam situation but also create severe problems in the printer’s functions.
Printer not cleaned
A dirty printer will cause a paper jam. To avoid this situation one should make sure to open and clean the printer every once in a while. Also do not forget to thoroughly clean the printer rollers.

Distinct ways to fix a paper jam situation
Paper jams in printers are quite annoying however one cannot ignore the situation as the work must go on. Here are some of the tips to fix paper jams in printers.
Click the reset button: A common thing to do in a paper jam is to simply reset the printer i.e turn off the printer and then turn it on again after a few minutes. When the printer is on again hit the retry button on the error message which will ultimately print the file again from the program. In the end, if it prints successfully the problem is solved.
Search visually: Try to search visually where the problem is occurring. Remove the cartridge and see if there’s any jammed paper, try to lose the paper and remove it inside the tray gently. Make sure the paper is not torn while being removed as it can cause many more paper jams in the printer.
Try paper reloading: Often it is noticed that paper jams occur due to inappropriate ways of loading paper inside the input tray. Make sure to not load too much of paper in the paper tray and also that the paper is not pushed too far in the paper cassette. The paper should be aligned properly in the tray in order to feed the printer.
Cleaning: Cleaning of the cartridge access area is extremely essential as the dust, paper, and toner particles can collect inside throughout the printing process and lead to paper jams. To do so remove the cartridge carefully from the printer and place it on a flat surface by covering it with a sheet of paper.
Covering the cartridge is vital to protect it from the direct light which can damage it. Make sure to rigorously clean all the areas including the paper path area and the cartridge cavity. Once you are done with cleaning, reinsert the cartridge and shut the print cartridge door. Later reconnect the power and switch on the printer to start printing smoothly.
Paper jams can result in delayed paperwork which many huge organizations cannot afford on a daily basis. The above discussion will help many people to learn tips and tricks to avoid or fix a paper jam situation in printers. Still, if one is constantly stuck with paper jams and is quite often indulge in removing it manually D-net Solutions can help with such problems. One can call, email or even text to connect with D-net Solution. The customer care number is +1-866-659-9666


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