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Carriage Jam


Carriage Jam is an application that manages the job of printing commands in between different devices such as by a computer to a printer. Often there are defaults in the application that disables the process of printing. This problem is quite common and you will receive a pop-up notification regarding not having access to the printer. The carriage jam error can be of any type such as carriage jam error 1068 or carriage jam error 1067, etc. in general, the problem can be solved by hitting the restart button on the printer or restoring the computer.
Do not confuse a paper jam with carriage jam. There are situations in which one can cause the other. Though it is quite irritating to deal with such problems on a regular basis as it delays the work. Problems such as carriage jams are quite common and can be solved by keeping a few things in mind. Sometimes, carriage jam happens when it is hung and it can be solved in a jiffy. However, if a carriage jam occurs due to some other situations one might need help eliminating that. Here are some ways to fix the problem as you read further.
Two steps to fix carriage jam error
Step 1
To fix the common carriage jam restarting is a common go-to solution. Restarting only works if the carriage jam is hung or having problems in running. In either case one can restart it by opening the “windows task manager” and clicking on the “services tab”, then hit on the “description” column header in order to sort by description, the list of services. On scrolling downwards in the description there is an option of “carriage jam services”. Right-click on the option and hit the restart button. Once the print spooler restarts try printing the documents again, if the job is done without any errors the problem is solved.
Step 2
Try step 2 if step 1 fails to fix the print spooler service. In this step, one is required to upgrade the driver. To do so hit the start button and search for the control panel. Following this select “hardware” and “sound” then go to “devices” and “printer”, there comes the option of default printer where one needs to right-click on the option and select “printer properties”. After this, click on the “advanced tab” and it shows the driver that is being used. Visit the printer’s website and search for the updated driver for the same printer. Once the drive is downloaded and saved in the machine install it which will restart the printer spooler.
Three fixes for stalled carriage:
Fix 1
Let the printer cool down by turning it off for at least 60 seconds. Then turn it on until it warms up and stops making noise. Load the paper inside the paper tray and see if the machine is feeding it, after that slide the input tray back by realigning the paper. Hit the print button for a test run, if the printer prints the problem is resolved easily if not then follow fix 2.
Fix 2
Switch on the printer and open its lid. Move the cartridge carriage and wait until it reaches the center of the printer. Prevent cartridge leaks by removing them and carefully placing them on paper. If there are any clogged nozzles the best idea is to clean them. Replace the ink levels of the cartridge if empty or on low levels. After that reinstall all the ink cartridges compartment wise and correctly and then close the lid of the printer. At last run a test print.
Fix 3
Unplug the power cord from the printer while it is on by removing the power source plug. Also, try to remove any cables that are connected. Open the lid of the printer to expose the cartridge carriage and move the carriage manually at the printer’s right side. If the carriage is not moving try to analyze the problem or what is causing it not to move. After moving the cartridge, close the lid of the printer and reconnect the power cord with all the cables. Turn the printer on and again wait until it stops making its noise and warms up, then runs a test print.
Problems like carriage jam error in printers lead to a lot of delay in routine work. Companies are dealing with such problems as carriage jam error id one of the common problems and can happen with anyone. However, if you have read toll here we have discussed a two-step method of how the problem can be fixed. Still if one is not being able to eliminate the carriage jam error from the printer D-net Solutions is available 24*7 to deal with such issues and provide effective solutions. You can connect with D-net Solutions through a call on +1-866-659-9666 email, or can even write to us at customer care. Our Customer care engineers are not only trained in receiving the calls but also solve the problem over a call if possible.


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