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Fixing a carriage jam in hp printer

Fixing a carriage jam in HP Printer


Stuck with a carriage jam in hp printer? Got frustrated by this? Well, that’s very obvious since this issue brings a halt to our work, however, now you’ll be no more in this issue. We are here to help you out and before that let’s see what a carriage jam is all about.

What or why “a carriage jam in hp printer?”  The carriage of your hp printer is a part that upholds its ink cartridges. It moves back and forth in its way, moving ink into the paper you’re printing.

Some symptoms could be the “The print cartridge carriage is stalled” message shows up. The printing job suddenly stops or The printer will not print. Check Cartridge and Check Paper lights begin flashing

When this occurs, the printer may deliver a granulating noise as it attempts to move the carriage. But since the actuator arm is jamming, this prevents the carriage from moving completely.

We’ll be looking into some methods that will bring you out of this situation. So, go through these steps carefully

How to fix a carriage jam in hp printer?

As we have discussed the causes and some symptoms, now we’ll be looking into some solutions for this. 

Method 1

Reset the HP printer to delete any error status with its print job.

  • Disconnect the Power cord from the rear of your hp printer while the machine is still on.
  • Unplug the Power cord from the plug
  • Permit the printer to chill off for in any event 15 seconds.
  • Reconnect the Power cord once again into the plug and afterward turn on the printer. Allow the machine to heat up. Kindly wait for it to stop making noises before you continue.
  • Pull out the Paper Tray and load it with spotless and clean white paper. Check whether the paper feeds easily.
  • Realign the paper accurately and change the Input Tray as it needs to be.
  • Direct a test print to check whether the printer prints impeccably. Assuming it doesn’t proceed with the next step for the solution. 

Method 2

Look for and take out any paper or material part that is obstructing the Ink Cartridge Carriage’s movement.

  • Kindly turn on your hp printer and open its Ink Cartridge Access Door. Stand by until the Carriage pauses and become quiet before you continue. Unplug the Power cord from the rear of the machine while it’s still on, as a security safety measure.
  • Cautiously take out any piece of paper that is stuck inside utilizing both your hands. Review top to bottom for paper shreds that may be keeping down the Carriage. In the event that there are paper pieces that remain for a longer time inside the printer, you can expect that more jams should occur.
  • Put your hand into the Ink Cartridge Access Area and afterward move the Carriage manually with your hands.
  • Move the Carriage to the right if it’s stuck on the left, and vice versa. Likewise, move the Carriage to the left if it’s held in the middle.
  • Dispose of any remaining pieces of pieces and unfamiliar material you find inside the printer. Attempt and check if the Carriage can move completely through its way by gently pushing it from one side to another.

Close the Cartridge Access Door, plug back the Power supply cable, and afterward turn on the printer.

Method 3

Check if the Paper Tray is not distorted

  • Kindly turn off your machine and unplug its Power supply cord.
  • Take out any paper from its Paper Tray and afterward detach the tray from the printer.
  • Ensure the Paper Tray is twisted by setting a ruler or something straight beside the edge of the back. In the event that there’s a hole more than 1 mm wide between the ruler and plate or tray, it means that the tray is distorted.
  • When you track down that the Paper Tray isn’t distorted, continue to the following stage. On the off chance that the tray is distorted then you’ll need to replace the tray with another one.
  • Return the Paper Tray to its position why it meant to be.
  • Rotate the printer onto its side to access its underside. Make certain to hold the Scanner Lid securely set up with your hands while turning the printer.
  • If it’s not too much trouble, ensure that the Paper Tray’s plastic tab is fixed safely on the retainer slot.  if necessary try opening and shutting the tray a couple of times until the tab gets into the slot.
  • now, Turn the machine back to its original position. plugin its Power cord and afterward press the Power button to turn on the machine.
  • Lead a test print.

In the event that the issue is still there, continue to the following solution.

Method 4

Kindly turn on your machine and lift open its Lid. Stand by until the Carriage moves towards the middle before you continue.

  • Firstly, Take out the ink cartridges from your printer. Place them on top of neat & clean paper to keep away from potential leaks.
  • Check if the Nozzles have blockages or clogs and clean them completely utilizing a clean, fabric damped in warm water.
  • In the event that the Ink Levels of your cartridges are low, you may need to replace the tanks with newer ones.
  • Insert the Ink Cartridges back to their original slot and lower down the Printer Lid back to its close position.


Here we reach a conclusion in the wake of having a look at this helpful guide. I truly accept that now you got all that you require to settle down your issue. so, go for it, follow them and save your day.

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